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Visually see your lodging pricing on the map! Our web tool provide users the quickest way to view what lodgings are available and the average room price available right on the marker!

Quick search for Lodging options nearby or fill out the destination value and plan out your trip visually

Road Trip Planning Just Got Better

Visually see all your Lodging options along the way on the Map with our proprietary POI Cost icon Loding POI Cost Level icon or search nearby Point Of Interests from any location in North America.

Take the guessing out of planning what's along your route. Visually see your lodging and fueling options along your route for better planning

Using the simplified Trip Search control, enter your trip's starting location, destination and types of POI you'd like to map out and you're on your way!

Registered users will be able to save your selected POIs along your road trip for later use with our "MyPlaces" feature. You can also choose to share the great finds with other users as well.

Is your Aunt May's house along the road trip you're about to take? Upload your own POIs location such as your Aunt May's house and have it display automatically if your road trip takes you near it.

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Announcements & Updates:

» April 2012 – Launch our latest feature release with pricing markers to visually indicate hotel pricings!/p>

To search for POI Nearby a Location, only enter value in the FROM field. Leave the TO field Blank. Value can be full address, city & state or zip code.

To search for POI Along The Route of your road trip enter starting location in the FROM field and ending location to the TO field.

Enter the number of Miles from your starting location to skip Point of Interests (POI). This is helpful in reducing number of uneeded POI cluttering the map if you're not planning to rest in the beginning of your road trip.
Enter the number of Miles from your ending location to skip Point of Interests (POI) search. Use this feature if you already have a place to stay at the end of your road trip.

  • In case of a Nearby Search, the Miles entered in the Skip POIs field is the Radius search from your location.
  • Maximum radius search is 12 miles.
  • Minimum Distance for POI Along The Way search is 30 miles. Nearby Search will be enabled for Trip Less Than 30 Miles.

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